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I am Majid Naghdi a photographer 




 who in clines to nature an artitecture in photography , born in the 19.08.1960

i am responsible for teaching of application of equipment of professional photography to Sony sales persons for teaching of photography to Sony personnel and participants in Sony photography competitions and connected fairs and i perform Alpha seminars , too.

I have two exclusive internet site about photography - teaching equipments.

you can see their addresses here




I am one of the members of board of directors of negah photographers society.

i am one of the members of photographers or Iran society , i have photographed since i was 12 years old for 38 years.

what i have done during these years were self-tought . also i have done many researches and have studied many resources about photography at the same time.i should mention that i have photographed and have published black and white and coloured pictures , i should add that painting and designing is in my resue too.

I am experienced in maiking film,too.my first film was an 8mm animation , the voyage to moon, that was shown on television 1n the 1979 and my second film was about 5 minutes to be accepted by the youth cinema.

some of my pictures were published of Islamic revolution.

i participated in some public fairs, also i have had some them here.

I participated in "my nice city" fair , in "photographers way"fair , in "Quran" fair and in "we can" photography fair for two times.I should add that i am the photographer of the selected picture in the "manifestation of water"fairof Isfahan to be situated in Iran.

I had some pictures in the photography fair that was held in Nyrobi to be situated in kenya and some in the Banckok photography fair.

I have participated in America press photography site for three successive times and i could take points and some cash prizes.

My two last eXclusive fairs are:

1- coast to coast fair in which i had 65 pictures, about pre and post Islamic eras artitecture - modern artitecture and implicit picture , that were exhibited in the first salon of photographers house in the julay , 2008.

2- " The everlasting " fair that was about persepolis and was held in Imam Ali museum in Tehran. it was visited and encouraged by the many in the agust , 2009






















































































































































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